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The Role We Play


Charters A New Path For The Gaming & Nonprofit Industry

Our name is iGameUSA An RPG World Corp. We choose it because life is one big role playing game and as players, we need to make courageous and strong decisions to survive each level that is thrown at us. We only have one life. So, every moment and person counts.

For the Love of the Game & The Hope of the World

Why iGameUSA was created 

  • To Combat Bullying by empowering students  to enjoy English Class.

  • To provide Esport Competition in an inclusive manner for folks without teammates.

  • To unite the Country by allowing all perspectives, without forcing one specific direction

  • To Build a Community Center to enable social gathering in the Idaho - Treasure Valley Region.

  • Inspired by Meridian Library UnBound, our Center will provide an additional, bigger location to provide the public with not just access to equipment, but lessons to build their own business.

Our Team

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