About Us

Who are we? +
Why are we called iGameUSA An RPG World Corp?

Unlike in video game RPGs where you can use multiple lives to beat the game, the harsh truth is that there is no such thing in the "real world."

Our mission is to use a custom built educational video game to help youth in k-12 make better choices, and learn how to not judge others.

With that said, unlike other organizations that seek to eliminate bullying, we accept that hate will always exist.

So using our mission, our vision seeks to improve the interpersonal relationships that youth develop for their future.


You rarely have a second "life" chance to change things, and if you receive one, it comes at great cost. At risk kids need to know the consequences before they make the choices. What better way to do. that then role play each Childs own story.


There may not be a guide to life, but our organization strives to help humanity make smart choices. We know that starts with the education of children. It will never be enough, but we can help make a difference by showing kids the power they have in the real world of role playing actions.

When it comes to our name, we were Inspired by Apple's iPhone spelling, and the fact that adulting is basically one huge role playing game... so our charity was named to help gamers take control of their destiny.