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The First Drop In Game Development Studio

The Community Center Co-Op

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Inspired by Best Buy Teen Tech Centers, we are looking to acquire the Boise DirecTV Building. Not just as our office, but as a gathering spot for gamers, geeks, and anyone wishing to learn. 

Idaho's 1st Gamer Gathering Place

Quick Facts

Square Feet of Space

Charities We Want Involved

Total Capacity

Monthly Fee

To Purchase

Why Do We Need A Facility?

There are only so many places available for Treasure Valley gamers to hang out socially after work and/or school. 

Outside of the local libraries & small businesses, geek & gaming residents who ONLY prefer indoor activities have the following places of interest to hang out: 

Adults over 21:  

The Space Bar Arcade (At best: 20~50 people)

The Realms Arcade & Bar (At best: 20~35 people


Adults over 18:

Black Box VR Gym (At Best 20 people)


Teens (13-18): 

Boise State eSports for Students/public camps (At Best: 50~150)

Idaho High School Esports Association (Occupancy varies at each school est. 5~10)

Families & kids over age 10:

The Pinball Museum, (at best 25)

The Discovery Center (at best 500)

Event Centers

*JUMP (Rooms: 25 ~150, entire campus spread through day: 1,000)

*Boise Centre On The Grove ~ 2,000 

*Expo Idaho ~5,000

*Ford Idaho Center

*Nampa Civic Center

*Canyon County Fairgrounds

*Wahooz Events Center

*ICCU Arena

*Boise State's various (non-esport) Stadiums


Annual Events:

The Library Comic Arts festival 700

Hackfort Event (within Treefort) 400


None of these facilities have the capacity to hold 1,000 people at a time with acceptable 3 person to a car parking.


Our organization iGameUSA is here to change that. 



By donating you will help us to:

  1. Acquire a 150,000 SqFt building to convert to a community center co-op'

  2. Establish the facility as a membership based daily hangout which will host up to 1,000 geeks, gamers and fans at a time with nearly 400 parking spaces

  3. Provide a relaxing location for teens, young and middle age adults to meet friends & develop relationships

  4. Empower charities in the area to share sub lease space and access to equipment

  5. Expand Meridian's Unbound location by providing a space to Allow cities and community ed programs access to specialized expensive computer labs, industry equipment, and more.

  6. Establish the first drop in game design studio where the public can help us develop our in your shoe game

  7. Create west coast access to the AbleGamers charity services, along with the ability to compete in esports

  8. Finally, to provide meals/snacks in a full size cafeteria and cooking classes (staffed by Life Kitchen students)

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