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Let the Year of the Tiger ROAR you into the box office!

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             Chinese New Year Astrology states that this year, 2022, the year of the tiger, will be the best year to build new relationships, memories, and opportunities.


             After 2 years of suffering financial losses from COVID, theater owners are looking for ways to bring back families and provide refuge from the difficulties of the past decade.

             With many movies ending up on streaming services, theater owners worry how they can combat the decreased attendance.  

            This year at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, there is a panel that will be talking about the importance of including gamers and eSports as a way to limit operation losses.  While we will not be on the panel, we have a solution that incorporates its strategy and training.


             Our nonprofit has been working on providing a different opportunity for investors, producers, and families. This involves games,  but not in the manner you might think. 


Our Board President Gina Johnson will be meeting folks at Cinema-Con 2022 to discuss partnerships, events, and more. Send her an email to schedule a time to meet with her in-person or virtually.


Our F.I.L.M. Rewards Program

Modeled after Library Summer Reading Programs, the F.I.L.M. Rewards program was created to help retain attendees at the movies, while also providing a pathway for low income families to attend new releases at the theater.


Combined with our organizations In Your Shoes Educational Anti-Bullying Video Game and our GamerPac, we intend to teach peace while helping to prevent the movie theaters from going out of business.

F- Fun
I- Interactive
L- Learning
M- Medium

FILM Rewards

Film Industry in the United States & Abroad

For CinemaCon 2022 we are sending a message. Our hope is that by using gaming and movies, we can work together for a better tomorrow. It’s not about how COVID impacted just the United States, but how we learn from our mistakes when we're frustrated with important topics. One of those topics is International Relations.

The Hollywood Movie market has seen its fair share of stereotyping, scandals, crimes and trials.  During COVID many Asians regardless of their demographics were targeted as other folks committed acts due to their frustration with the pandemic. It should never have happened. We know that other races have been targeted. We get that.


However, our goal is that regardless of who you are, or the country you live in... We need to convey that both sides are at fault, and both have responsibilities as well as the capabilities to fix them. We are just trying to say that we all share the need to be heard, respected, and cared.


While there are many other countries that impacted the United States and Global market, we decided to focus our efforts for this year's conference on the relationships between the USA and the countries on the Asian Continent. 

Why Asia?

The Asian International Market has helped the filming industry with both creating technological advances and impactful storytelling with different cultural & genre productions. This year at CinemaCon our focus point uses the Year of the Tiger from Chinese Astrology... we figured it is a way we could honor their culture. 


Given that Tigers will have the best chance at building relationships and improving their economic situations... In terms of actual survival, it is also under threat for extinction.


While humanity can't stop going to war and fight with words, it is crucial we find a talking point so that all cultures, and backgrounds are fairly represented.  Acknowledging the predictions from the Astrology reports, it is time we build stronger relations with everyone without bias or fear. We need to ROAR ourselves toward a path of peaceful coexistence.

State of Industry


During COVID the TCL Chinese Movie Theater Historical site in Hollywood, CA USA was repeatedly targeted as folks were angry. Inspired by the resilience of the theaters existence throughout the century, and to lead our F.I.L.M. Rewards program, a new type of organizational understanding needs to take place...we call this our Triple C-Coalition.

Within it, all charities that have tax exempt status will work with us on the FILM rewards program. By joining the coalition, you can make your donations reach all charities instead of just one. To attract attention to our cause, we ask you to join us!

 The 3C's


If you make, star, distribute, or run a business surrounding movies and Hollywood, we want you on our team.


You can join us with or without needing to donate money or services. However, you should know that the In Your Shoes video game needs to be funded, and we cannot run the FILM rewards program until it is developed.


Instead of donating you can help in other ways. From trailers, concessions, staff, to social media and events, there are plenty of ways to help us help you. 


Despite the Pandemic, movie theaters mostly survived the losses they had in the first 2 years.


With vaccines and countries now making imperative decisions, owners, investors, and executives need to adapt to overcome and win the war on streaming.


Our group will have representation from everyone... Where no one is left out, and everyone has a voice.  We can't target just one issue. We need to target them all. We will include all charities that want to partner with our rewards program. 


For this is not just a solution for civility, or cultural understanding, but human rights and decency regardless of any demographic.  Which may include: Disability, Ethnicity, Race, Gender, Age, Income, Education, Veteran, perspective, etc. 

Our Coalition


We have acquired 2 brand new Xbox Series X consoles, and 2 brand new controllers, 1 red, 1 blue. All 4 will be signed by the Father of Xbox Seamus Blackley, Phil Spencer, and Larry "Major" Nelson. 

You can help us raise money to develop the In Your Shoes video game and the FILM rewards program by working with us on a Marketing Partnership during the Summer Movie Season. The Auction, sweepstakes, and other items we have acquired will go live in May during Idaho Gives Week, and will last 2 months long. So CONTACT US today!

Summer Movie Project
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