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the eSports World

A 50 State Inclusive League

Created To Combat Bullying


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BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY currently hosts their own team as well as the Idaho High School Competitions. 

Our Center intends to host High School folks to train and compete in our own inclusive league. Where all tournaments will have 1 player that is allowed to use the accessibility controller.


How Our Teams Are Formed

Don't Have A Team? No Problem!

Every State Will Have the Following:

1 Female Team Member 

1 Male Team Member 

1 LGBTQ Team Member 

1 Ethnicity Team Member

1 Disability Team Member 

1 Team Coach

1 Team Content Creator

1 Team Sponsor

The Value of Choice

To improve access to competition, you can sign up for any of the brackets that you qualify for to play from home or in a approved facility like a Library, School, Community Center, etc. 

Each Year Team Members Change

Every State Will Have the Following:

1 Female Team Member 1v1 Tournament 

1 Male Team Member 1v1 Tournament 

1 LGBTQ Team Member 1v1 Tournament 

1 Ethnicity Team Member 1v1 Tournament 

1 Disability Team Member 1v1 Tournament 

1 Team Prior Pro eSports Coach

1 Team Content Creator (State Competition)

1 Team Sponsor 

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