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Grow the Mind &
Give Youth the POWER to Design!


To Reduce cost & Enhance STEM Education Youth Will have the opportunity to help us develop our game using Twine

Called In Your Shoes for short, this multiplatform video game was Inspired by the PS4 Video Game Dreams & the Oregon Trail 2001 PC simulation game.  We wish to develop a game that allows complete freedom of creativity for individuals of all ages with the drag and drop RPG based algorithm that the Oregon Trail PC games were famous for.

PS4 Dreams.jpg
Oregon Trail 5th.jpg

How Does It Work?


Visual Scripting + Visual Novels + RPGs

Visual scripting is being used more often when creating games. Many engines use visual scripting, sometimes it is called the "no code" option. One such engine is open source and we plan to use and modify it to lower programming design costs.


Fun | Interactive | Learning | Mission

What is the F.I.L.M. Rewards Program?

Inspired by the Summer Reading program that Libraries offer worldwide for youth and Adults... this FILM program also known as the: Fun Interactive Learning Membership was created for one purpose.
To give disadvantage youth an opportunity to see new release movies that otherwise might be unavailable to them. When youth are unable to see new release movies that their friends are able to see, they feel left out and alone. Our rewards break this barrier and brings 3 economic benefits to schools, parents, and Theaters.


Need a free solution that gets kids involved in extracurricular activities that kids may not be motivated to join.

Movie theaters

Especially now, really Need a way to retain customers on a regular year round basis if they are not to go out of business. Group bookings would help when they are competing with Streaming services that otherwise wouldn't be easily resolved.

school activities

Field trips used to be a popular thing until budget cuts ultimately hindered the middle and high school options that kids nationwide could use. On average field trips cost way more than what districts could afford. School districts could use this service as a field trip alternative for a small $5/student fee   within their anti-bullying curriculum budget.

Free to Play

Our rewards program will be free, but our hope is to partner with other organizations to help cover the cost of sending kids to movie theaters. Where, prior to watching a movie, they will receive TED talk like lessons from Celebrities and learning partners. After School Participants can come from other charities like: PAL, Boy & Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, FFA, 4-H, SkillsUSA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Salvation Army, and  others.


3D illustration of smiley face

Human History

Biographies represent more then just a real life story. With our program, Youth will contribute to the history of Humanity by journaling each day using a easy to use drag & drop Role Playing Adventure game inspired by the Oregon Trail PC game & PS4 Dreams 


Robot playing with toy

Be In Their Shoes

What better way to see if you can understand your foe than by playing the real life stories of those who you dislike. All individuals who participate will go to an anonymous database where you'll be matched via a algorithm based off your chosen opponent.  If you can match the decisions your foe makes, you earn points. 


3D illustration of parking sign

Earn Points

Like a credit card system, you can earn points. The more you earn from completing the journal, plus if you complete extra curricular activities will help you to bank additional points. 


3D illustration of movie tickets

Enjoy The Show

Redeem Points to use at Movie Theaters or save them to get free games and gift cards. 

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