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Why Did We Contact You?

You were selected because we believe you can helps us with a game-changing marketing project.

We promise to not take much of your time...


However, to understand this project we would like you to be involved in, it is helpful for you to quickly read about our anti-bullying curriculum game.


So, please visit the In Your Shoes Program page before you continue reading below. 

**If you were invited and are not part of the gaming industry, you need to know the following facts before we get started...


In 2021 the US Consumer Video Game Spending totaled $60.4 Billion dollars.


It was an 8% increase compared to 2020.

Some other amazing facts you can find:

  • There are more than 2.5 billion video gamers around the world

  • The average gamer is 34 years old

  • 70% of gamers are age 18 or older 

  • 60% of Americans play video games daily

  • 45% of US gamers are women

  • 70% of parents believe video games have a positive influence on their children’s lives


Now that you know about the gaming industry... Let's see where you fit in.


We know information is power, and our organization is so small that you wonder whether or not to assist. In the next few slides you'll understand why we need you.


Your work & educational experience is critical if we announce our project. Your expertise, not just your opinion is requested to help us decide to go ahead with this project.


You have appeared in the Media for some part of your career or education. We want you to comment publicly if we announce our project.


It's simple, we just need to know your thoughts on the idea, and whether or not you wish to help us achieve it. There is no financial cost to you if you decide to help.


We want to send a Female Gamer to Space

Our organization is new, not very well known, and we want to announce ourselves to the World in a cool, never-before-seen way. 


We believe a hardcore female gamer should be sent up to the International Space Station to spread not just our mission of diversity & inclusion, but help researchers in a cool never before type way. She must play certain games from all genres and have something unique to bring to the table.



NASA has announced that the ISS will be gone by the year 2031. 


Multiple Commercial Stations built by private public partnerships will replace it.

NASA will now fully pay corporations to send supplies and researchers to Space.

With these corporations offering paid seats on their flights, the income of most of the world means only the 1% can travel to space. Unless you win a seat, which is nearly as impossible to do.

NASA has done some amazing things:

An Idaho teacher was sent to the ISS and helped NASA encourage STEM learning.


Almost every race has been represented in some form.


All continents have had a scientist sent to the ISS.


Both males & females have traveled to Space. 


What is really exciting is in the past few years they have:


  • Sent the first commercial crew to orbit & the ISS.

  • Sent a St. Jude Child who had a prosthetic arm & became a Medical Doctor.

  • Sent the oldest and youngest to space.

  • Sent Star Trek Actor William Shatner on a short orbit.

Rocket Launch
Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 2.30.45 PM.png
Our goal is to send a female gamer to space to do the following:

Represent all gamers in Space.

Distribute a lesson plan of Diversity & Inclusion using our RPG Values while in Space.
Working on the In Your Shoes Game Fundraising Campaign while in Space.

Contribute to Medical Research by provider her body, heart and mind to science.
Brain Game Controller.png

Medical Research 

Some people don't know just how much research that has come from Astronauts in space.


While every industry has been transformed in some way, the medical industry has only allowed animal or Petri dish testing to be done on the ISS. 

Yes the Astronauts were being tested but they also had to be in the best shape possible in order to fly a mission.


Now that private corporations are funding the exploration of space research, human testing perimeters will shift.


In time, you won't have to worry about your medical conditions that prevent you from being on a flight. 



Medical research is tricky when you want to use somebody's cells to cure or inspect a situation. The immortal story of Henrietta Lacks serves as the foundation for the USA's HIPPA policy. 

However, when traveling in space, data is shared with researches worldwide to help understand the effects on the body and mind of Astronauts who travel. 


With the private sector now funding the Space travel for humanity, someone needs to be willing to be the ultimate ginny pig for future riders.

That is why to help our case to send a female gamer up to space, we wish to send our Board President Gina Johnson up to space.


She has endured much for her age, and while she looks, acts, and talks normally, she is anything but. 

Gina's doctors approved her to travel to space. They are in agreement that NASA could find powerful data from her trip to space.


As Gina doesn't just have day to day files before her trip, but she has so many variables to offer that it is more cost effective to send someone like her up than someone with just 1 or 2 conditions.

Gina has the following medical problems that she can offer to researchers if she travels to space as our Representative....

Gina will turn 30 on June 21st, 2022.

She has had over 25+ surgical procedures.

She has over 40 medical diagnoses.

She takes multiple medications.

She has bipolar & Asperger Syndrome

She has had a blood clot in her brain that isn't a traditional clot. It was not considered a stroke or TBI but she had symptoms.

She has rods in her back to stabilize her scoliosis.

She is nearly deaf in one ear

She wears glasses.

She is overweight for her height...

She is 5' 6 3/4" her current weight is 282lbs.

She is willing to donate her blood, tissues, and both ovaries to researchers, 1 before and 1 after the flight.

 She is bi-partisan. In 2019, She ran for Mayor of Meridian Idaho to make a statement of inclusion.


Ironically, She lives a few blocks away from Barbra Morgan STEM elementary in Meridian, Idaho.

Her grandmother witnessed the first person in space and can offer perspective of seeing Gina travel under a private public partnership.

The risk she takes is dangerous as many people have been unable to travel to space due to their conditions. But Gina wants to pioneer the future of private space travel by offering herself as tribute to iGameUSA's Mission of Inclusion.

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