The United States Educational System has been seeking a way to improve both student mental health, and their test scores (for reading, writing, & more).

iGameUSA has a way to solve both problems by implementing a state of the art, low cost curriculum kit that schools, teachers, parents, and students will enjoy.


To do this, we are designing a drop-in community center thet will be located in the Treasure Valley Idaho region. While the Center will act as a eSports & community classroom retreat, it will also double as a video game studio.


Students will partner with a group of AAA industry developers, researchers & organizations to help create the prototype. 


To learn more about the game & the rewards program CLICK HERE


Our E-Sports League will give gamers of all backgrounds a chance to participate by using a 7 Member Team consisting of: 1 Coach, 1 Content Creator, 1 Female, 1 Male, 1 LGBTQ, 1 of another Ethnicity, and 1 disabled (of any form). 

To get onto a team, each group is tested in their state via a 1v1 tournament. The winner of the 1v1 State Tournament will then be placed onto the State team for the following year.


Unlike other leagues where friends will form teams to compete together, in our league, to win the National Championship, State teams will only win through collaboration, cooperation, and understanding.


Simply put, If the teams don't adapt then they won't get very far in the National Rankings.

If you are interested in partnering please contact us by emailing our team at or


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