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The First Drop In Game Development Studio

The Community Center Co-Op

Best Buy Teen Tech Center.jpeg

Inspired by Best Buy Teen Tech Centers, we are looking to acquire the Boise DirecTV Building. Not just as our office, but as a gathering spot for gamers, geeks, and anyone wishing to learn. 

Idaho's 1st Gamer Gathering Place

Quick Facts

Square Feet of Space

Total Capacity

Charities We Want Involved

Monthly Fee

To Purchase

To Reduce cost & Enhance STEM Education Youth Will have the opportunity to help us develop our game using Twine

How Does It Work?


Visual Scripting + Visual Novels + RPGs

Visual scripting is being used more often when creating games. Many engines use visual scripting, sometimes it is called the "no code" option. One such engine is open source and we plan to use and modify it to lower programming design costs.

Idaho Chip.png

Upgrade Idaho

Bigger Challenges, Better Solutions

At iGameUSA we are leading the Upgrade Idaho Task Force. While we are not financing the TF, instead we have solutions that will help address numerous issues facing Idahoans statewide. From fixing the internet, to addressing affordable housing, we plan to Upgrade Idaho to modern needs, without neglecting to use long Idaho traditions.

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